Help on hobDrive

For support questions please use:

  • Our Forum for discussions,
  • Feedback button on the right side for your ideas and bugreports.
  • Before asking questions please make sure you’ve read hobDrive user’s manual.

Hardware compatibility list

Support on our forum:

Other forums:

Android requirements

  • 4” or more screen (hobdrive is not optimized for a very small screens)
  • 800MHz central CPU (arm, x86, no mips support!)
  • 512Mb of system memory
  • Bluetooth or WiFi

Windows Phone requirements

  • 4” or more screen
  • WP 8/8.1 (WP7 is not supported)

Embedded Windows system requirements

  • Windows CE 5.0/6.0, Windows Mobile with .NET Compact Framework installed (download from microsoft).
  • Access to WinCE OS or existing way to install custom software (varies for different devices)
  • Bluetooth hardware to connect with BT ELM327 adapter, or USB Host/Serial port to connect with USB/Serial ELM327 adapter.

PC-based system requirements

  • When running on PC-based hardware (carputers, touchpads, etc), the only requirement is to have any of recent .net framework installed. It is installed by default in all latest Windows Vista/Windows 7.
  • Serial port is required to connect USB/COM based OBD-II adapter.
  • Bluetooth to serial COM port creation is not nesessary since hobDrive can connect BT device by itself.